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At Nemas Gardens, we're not just growing crops; we're cultivating a sustainable urban oasis right in our own community. Join us on a journey to rediscover the joy of gardening, as we teach the next generation about sustainable urban agriculture.


At Nemas Gardens, we offer a range of services aimed at enriching both the environment and the community including:

Grounds Beautification: Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings with our expert grounds beautification services. Nemas Gardens is dedicated to creating visually stunning and sustainable outdoor environments that can be used for anything from meetings and events to outdoor classrooms.


Garden Clubs: Our Garden Clubs are designed to inspire, educate, and cultivate a shared passion for growing food, flowers, and herbs. Let us help you set up your own Garden Club as part of an in-school urban agriculture program.

Apprentice Programs: Led by experienced mentors, these programs provide hands-on training, to students fostering a new generation of eco-conscious gardeners committed to making a positive impact.

Summer Sessions and Workshops: From specialized gardening techniques to environmental stewardship, our curated programs offer a diverse array of topics eared towards young learners in the 3rd-6th grades.


Urban Agriculturist and Head Gardener-Kevin Alsop

"Whoever controls your food source controls you."

-Kevin "Q" Alsop, Owner, Nemas Gardens

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