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Urban Agriculture Farming and Education

Teaching the Next Generation Gardening and Sustainable Agriculture


Urban Farming at Nemas Gardens

At Nemas Gardens, we're not just growing crops; we're cultivating a sustainable urban oasis right in our own community. Join us on a journey to rediscover the joy of urban farming, as we teach the next generation about sustainable urban agriculture.


At Nemas Gardens, we offer a range of services aimed at enriching both the environment and the community including:

Founder and CEO, Kevin Alsop

"Whoever controls your food source controls you."
-Kevin "Q" Alsop, CEO

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Join Nemas Gardens on a Journey to Create a Sustainable Urban Oasis Right in Our Own Community.

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Transforming School Gardens in Prince George's County, Maryland


Welcome to Nemas Gardens, where we are dedicated to revitalizing school gardens throughout Prince George's County, Maryland. Our mission is to create thriving green spaces that enhance education and promote sustainability. 


Our Services:

  • High Tunnels: Extend the growing season and protect plants from adverse weather conditions with our expertly installed high tunnels.

  • Container Gardens: Perfect for schools with limited space, our container gardens bring the joy of gardening to any location.

  • Courtyard Restoration: Transform neglected courtyards into vibrant, usable spaces with our comprehensive restoration services.


Join us in our mission to cultivate beautiful, functional gardens that inspire and educate the next generation. Contact Nemas Gardens today to learn more about how we can transform your school's outdoor spaces.

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